I’ve struggled with my weight for a while. It seems like no matter what I do, I never lose very much. I did try the Medical Weight Loss system once and that did actually work but it was expensive with their “nutrients” or whatever so I eventually had to stop. I should have saved my card though, because it had some great information on it but whatever.

This time, I’m trying the Slow-Carb Diet from Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Body. I started it yesterday. Basically it’s a lot of beans, beef or chicken, veggies and no carbs or dairy AT ALL. I kind of effed up breakfast today when I put too much spinach in my eggs but I ended up mixing that with some beans and it was tolerable. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. One thing Tim mentions in his book is that you’ll feel like you’re force-feeding yourself the first few days. That’s EXACTLY how I felt this morning. I probably could have finished but I left maybe 1/4th of the food uneaten. We’ll see how I can get better at this. For lunch I made a bean and veggie salad. I added some breakfast sausage and seasoned it with cumin and pepper so we’ll see how it tastes. I made enough for my lunches Monday-Wednesday this week. 

I know this will be hard, harder even than I was expecting, but I’m determined to stick it out for at least a month. I do get one “cheat day” a week so hopefully that will make things easier. Updates will hopefully be frequent.